It is also possible to program Events so that a given playlist is played when a certain criteria is met.

Access the Events modal dialog by clicking on the "Events" buttons:

Add new events by clicking on the New Event button:

When you create a new event you will get a lot of controls to define when the event should trigger:

You can choose from which time the event is allowed to trigger:

If you also want that the event stops triggering after a certain date you can check the "Expires" checkbox and select a time in the future:

You can also select how often you want the content to be played, Once a day, every hour, or a subset of hours:

It is also possible to choose which days of the week the content should be played:

By default no day is selected, but this implies that it will be trigger the event all days.


There is a setting called "Immediate" that is used to specify if when the event triggers it should immediately play the content or if it should wait until the current playlist plays to the end:

Choosing content

You must also choose which content you want to play when the event is triggered, you can chose a given media file or a complete playlist.

Activate the event

Finally, in order for the event to start working you need to click on the "active" checkbox:

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