Castmill offers powerful sharing tools. You can access them in the "Share" tab:

Sharing is organized around the concept of "groups": create groups where you can put resources and which users that are allowed to see or use these resources.

Start by creating a new group by giving it a name and clicking on Add Group:

Now you can add some members to the group. These member will be able to access the resources that you share inside the group. Start typing the name or email of the user you want to add, and when you find it just click on the "Add Member" button:

You can add as many members as you want up to a maximum quota that depends on your current subscription.

You can now add the resources that you want to share within the members of the group. Click on Add Resources:

You can share Medias, Playlists, Calendars and Players. Depending on the resource type different rights can be chosen. For example you may only allow the members of a group to view the media but not delete it.

Select the resources and click on "Add resource":

Players have special rights for allowing the users to Assign only the "extra calendar", this allows for headquarters to only permit store owners to modify the extra calendar, while the main calendar is reserved for the HQ for generic content among all the stores:

When you are done adding resources your group will show them on the group:

At any moment you can remove resources from the group or add new ones.

Now that you have created a group, the users members of that group will see the resources in their account.

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