It is possible to select between several layouts so that you can show more content on a display, specially if the display is large you can use this feature to show more items at the same time.

When creating a new playlist select the layout you prefer, for example you can choose the one that divides a display in 6 sections:

Since your layout has more than one section, you have actually in total 6 playlists, one for every section.

You can choose in which section you want to put your items by selecting the section from the dropdown control:

Adding items in one section will appear in the correct section on the preview:

You can add as many items you want on every section since each is also a playlist, and so on:

Keep in mind that hardware may have limits on how many videos that can be played at the same time.

Layouts are also important to consider if you want to show content on a portrait display (default is landscape). By selecting the portrait layout you can preview how the end result will look like on the display.

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