Registering your first player

If this is the first time you use Castmill, you could start by registering a so called "Chrome" player. This player will help you to get acquainted with the system and to test everything before you register your real production players.

For this to work you need to open the Chrome browser in your PC. If you do not have Chrome please install it from

Castmill is optimized for the Chrome browser, so it is recommended that you use this browser also for accessing the castmill app.

From your chrome browser open a new window and go to the URL

The player will load and you will get a pincode:

Now you can go back to your "Players" tab in the Castmill app and register this player:

If you click on "Register" now the player will be registered and appear in your list of players!.

The player appears "online" and there is a bunch of other details information about it, but do not worry about this we will explain these controls later on.

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