Organizing a playlist

Playlists are the smallest unit that can be played in a Player. The playlist can be composed of one or several Medias as well as Widgets (TODO: ADD LINK), and as such we can mix images, videos and widgets in the same playlist.

Playlists also allows you to define a layout, such as landscape, portrait, and with different sections. You can put any content you want in every section. But for this guide we will just pick the simplest layout which is the Landscape:

By clicking in "New Playlist" we will create our first playlist. And we can now "drag and drop" from the medias that we uploaded before:

We can just pick the previous image:

Now the playlist is composed of one the image we uploaded before. By default the images will be displayed during 30 seconds, and thus this playlist will be 30 seconds long since there is only one image:

Now we have everything we need in order to show content on our player, we just need to use the Calendar!.

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