Clearing the player's data

In rare situations the player may get a corrupted data, this could happen in unexpected power loss situations or due to wear out of the player internal flash memory.

Symptoms of this issue could be that the player is unable to connect to the internet, or content is not displayed correctly or gets frozen.

A short term solution may be to delete the player data, this will just clean up all the cached data inside the player as a software reset. After restart your player will automatically re-connect to Castmill and appear online.

Start by going to the Android settings clicking on the Settings icon:

The settings view will open, look for the "Apps" option and click on it:

Choose the CastmillPlayer App and click on it:

Now if the Castmill Player is running you should force it to stop:

Now you can clear the data:

You will get a warning, just click OK:

After this you can just exit the Settings and start the Castmill Player by clicking on its icon:

The player should be start and if the device has working internet connection it will start running your previous content automatically.

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